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so we will know the FIFA 22 has a standard edition for the PS4 and all that and the next-gen version for the PS5 and of course the next-gen additional next-gen consoles does phagia some extra things you just can't get on your standard copy on PS4 net so this article is going to show you some of these next-gen faces that look pretty nice if you'd enjoyed today's article next-gen exclusive camera angle is called AI sports game came this is what it looks like this is the game cam camera angle and like I said you can only get it on your next gen console you can get it on a PS4 or PC and stuff like that another next-gen feature is child mascots so when you playing a Champions League game sometimes Premier League games as well the place will be walking that we've the mascot lucky would see on real watch television how much what the mascots do they do the anthem mascots do they do the anthem thing with the players and then they just run off off. And that's pretty much it to them now you still playing games at anfield there's also a pregame cutscene of plays in the tunnel now and this one is there and they do touch the song you've got the child mascots as you can say the presentation is on point he is going to contact are looking very very serious they're about to start walking out here we go and as you can see a few people touch the sewing as they will get this is stuff you see on your TV is what when you watch the Premier League so it's a nice touch day in North littl cutscene and grateful Liverpool fans as well and there's also another next-gen Patriots called baldy formation and it's something you probably never going to notice unless you guarantee instant replay and have slow motion on whenever you do powerful short maybe even a pause United the boulder forms a little bit as it gets here obviously there's no contact whatsoever with that bull there but let's pretend there is and you can say how the bold dearfoams a little bit trying to see me like that is been pressure as the food hits the ball in my contacts with it obviously like I said it's not something you would actually not as obviously like I said it's not something you would actually notice as you play the game on tonight for the fix for physics or anything like that it's just annoyed visual element United set the bold dearfoams a little bit when this contact and expands again as it's flowing not just like lost you you'll see plays getting off the bus and stuff this is o'prey game cutscenes on FIFA 22 and you'll see different kinds of varieties it's not just this one and you will see maybe in creamer is will play as walking in through like a backdoor thing getting into the changing rooms and stuff like that now some stadiums will also have a large shirt as a pregame cutscene I think I've seen it in the Spurs Stadium the PS3 one as well and you can watch the Lord shows you want and is also defends that walk into the ground tonight before the match starts as well like when you watch real live football a few they complied you'll point that different players to mock & Co for the bowl at times and you see examples of that on the field as you play the game some of your place will be planning manners don't worry it's completely hygienic and also pointing to different places to pause to cooling for the bull sometimes I touched a beat as well it's all uphill humanization is also feature code Big Goal moments and pretty much be going moments is when you score in the last couple of minutes or seconds of the game and you win the game it's an important goal obviously and it deserves an important celebration someplace actually have locks signature celebrations for this is woke plays are going out I would like to see celebration sometime and you've also got salad one knee and the pain pretty much go berserk there's a lot of variety United said a lot as you score a lot of big Goldman's now there's also a big gomerman thing or celebration whatever you want to call it and you can see the goalkeeper do this for the players run and the funniest part is Steve Bruce's 1980s in this game I can't believe it's quicker than mbappe by the looks of it and yeah that's a new one I think for this year by the looks of it and yeah that's a new one I think for this year another next-gen feature is haze strain so you know this place like the young even Modric is a few new plays the sea that haven't lost you there was a few as well like messy and stuff and not all the players get dysphagia it's only some but I presume SEI start scanning you will face gains as the years roll one will see more of this feature implemented into the game and imagine a time when a lot of the players have this feature the game will look awesome and you can see basically individual hair strands it doesn't look like it looks like h-hey moves differently you know which is what you would say real life as well it's a feature I do like and UC plays at Marcelo on that and it looks fantastic on Ice going to play as well plays with long hair benefit the most from this fate alike and Cavani and stuff but as you can see as they run around move around h-hey moves differently and it just reacts so nicely when they turn their heads and stuff it's fantastic to say and what I said doesn't affect every player in the game at the moment but I presume they'll be more faces what is okay lock these as the years rolled on its very very moist lock these as the years rolled on its very very nice to look at now there's too many just with postgame signature celebrations and I'm just going to let them play right now I know three points I'm disappointment for Chelsea you've got to say nothing for them to this game yesterday it was very much of the guy at least now there's a feature on next-gen FIFA called Welcome to FIFA it's like an introduction cinematic thing with a bit of interaction by the player you see famous footballers are Terry Andrae David Beckham and stuff it's about 15 to 20 minutes long there's some free roam gameplay as well as you run around the streets of Paris I believe will let you run around the streets of Paris I believe and that is a few training drills that you'll do along the wife few skill games this was all right you know it's nice to look at its most apply and maybe one day they'll do something we watch Markiplier or creamer maybe features you say he will make it into a another favor game that's usually what happens anyway but yeah it was nice I was not expecting this at all to be honest you say they even do they vote goes as well so you hear them talk and pretty much after you start doing like Drew's at PSG Stadium weave on rain stuff I think it's more of an introduction to favor getting used to the new controls and shooting and a defensive plays as well when you end up in some sort of a closed shop getting a suit on because then you have to watch the Champions League game in a box seat there's people like Hamilton Anthony Joshua a lot of celebrities that aren't really talking Missingno and then you go out the door and David Beckham's waiting to see you and pretty much the girl you saw in the elevator before he asked how you down if you had a udayan stuff and then you see the Champions League match Diane stuff in and you see the Champions League match at psg's home ground so overall it's pretty nice uploaded the full videos if you missed it or you can't play it yourself you know you go to PS4 and stuff go watch the video it's got the full thing right there that is a little bit of a difference in the next-gen menus United States on the next-gen console supplies walk around and stuffy V I got clips playing on the left and other place just running an errand I don't know why but hey I wanted to do it and I think on the old game consoles that I didn't have these kinds of 3D players that run up and down and stuff if you want to play at the West Ham stadium is going to be bubbles before the game starts it's really really nice to look at and are you can see it all in the pregame opening cinematic and stuff as they line up for the anthem and if you skip all the infamous and stuff you can actually see the bubbles on the field for a couple of minutes and it's really really nice to play with the bubbles in the middle day they disappeared I believe after a while but if you catch it early you can see the Bubbles as you play a couple of minutes of the game now because the next-gen console those use SSD technology that's practically not these SSD technology that's practically not loading times when you play FIFA the menus a Snappy you can get into games within 1 or 2 seconds and I you no issues at all things fly when you seem in the calendar in career mode and yeah that's the best part about having a next-gen console not sure if this is NextGen exclusive but I think so I pretty much sore New Corner sort of cut scene where the guys up gets the ball and then put sad and wives has I'm up for the place to start running and stuff and yeah that was pretty late now next-gen fated that you probably never going to notice unless you actually look for it is muscle Flex so I was governor in the background there want you to take a look at his cords and you can say how they tense up as he goes to change direction that is a face of an action obviously it's not going to make a difference at all but visually it does look good but he actually probably going to say is if you get to the instant replay look how intense the muscles on his legs day I guess it's realistic because rulof you would see this kind of stuff on Play bodies but it doesn't really make much of a different spot at the next-gen feature so if you plan on the PS difference but it's an action feature so if you play on the PS4 if there's a feature called the card switch off if you're on any part of the menu like Ultimate Team commemorative stuff press the home button and you can see all these cards come up and it takes you to any other section of the gang you might want to go to so instead of backing out and all that kind of stuff if you want to go from Ultimate Team 2 career mode Hugo and press the square button and I'll take you straight to eat enough to do anything else will take a few seconds but we've gone from Ultimate Team to Korea Mart if you want to I'm going to kick off my depress this way once again and we've the first they say you only have to wait a couple seconds and I'll take you straight to kick-off murder as well apparently there's munits in the next-gen version of flavors will pay attention to win the bowl games into the back of the net amount Nerdist improve net physics whichever will make the gameplay look better as well and I didn't notice it and I don't mind that at all I think it looks nice and technology that is the biggest gameplay difference between the two games everybody like to have emotions so far. April I do like the hibernation safe I didn't see many new animations and think I have a 4000 you animations to the game and other pausing and all the other stuff feels smoother as well so far morphine but obviously patches and Stuff Mart affect it and I see some people that done walking maybe online it's a bit worse but no real issues so far I do like the new technology so that is how many of the next-gen FIFA 22 faces if you did enjoy please leave a lot for me and always helps the videos and check out this other Faith Video as well hit the thing in the middle it'll take it straight there I'll see you next time

Published On :21 Jul 2022

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25 Hot Wheels and leashed Hot Wheels became a household name a long time ago now we can finally enjoy building our own Racetrack ....

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Published On : 21 Jul 2022
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