25 Best PS4 Single-player Games of All Time 2021 Final Update

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25 Best PS4 Single-player Games of All Time 2021 Final Update

what the play presents 25 best PlayStation 4 single player games of all time arranged by Place score, can take part in a rankings by leaving reviews of the games that you played. starting off at 25th place this Shadow of the Colossus a game that rock a PlayStation to Glory Days this remastered version on the PlayStation 4 gives us the ultimate feeling of glory and sadness in one Fell Swoop felt like a bad idea but we can't argue with a protagonist simping nature a play score of 8.96 is inside limbo success pave the way for this distilled I'd limbo 6s pave the way for this dystopian nightmare from playdead inside potting World draws mystery the closer you get to your goal that goal however isn't very clear until the games disturbing final moments it's best played blind and it receives a play score of 8.97 Buddy third place is Diablo 3 Ultimate Edition with Diablo Wars release inching closer and closer it's always great to take a look back on a solid foundations Ultimate Edition was the answer to all the complaints from the community and it plays well on the PlayStation 4 Solo or with friends of play score of 8.98 22nd Place is Fallout 4 the harsh radioactive Wasteland of award-winning open-world FPS is the perfect playground for single player Enthusiast the fastest known for its branching storylines and heavy RPG elements so there's a lot to discover here enjoys massive post-nuclear world enjoyed massive post-nuclear World modded or not that's a score of nine pretty first place is Batman Arkham Knight the final chapter of the Caped Crusaders brooding adventures in the crime-ridden Gotham City the Dark Knight isn't alone this time around and he's got the help of his beloved Batmobile dominate the streets using this intimidating tank and trying not to kill moly thugs at least score of 9.02 19th Place is Monster Hunter World also from Capcom this record-breaking action-rpg still enjoying a growing fanbase despite the release of their new MH title rides world is huge it's the biggest mhm to date in this doesn't even include their final iceborne expansion a play score of 9.08 18th is Shovel Knight Treasure Trove of platform where that takes us back to the good old days of gaming this addition isn't just about a knight and a shovel Treasure Trove is the full Shovel Knight experience that includes all DLCs with new characters and new storylines of play score of 9.09 17th Place is Dark Souls 3 finale is on this list from software is alleged final entry to their hardcore action-rpg ended with a bang this is all things that are two massive DLCs that brought a new flavor they're already difficult base game now come on bring us Elden ring a plate score of 9.10 the 16th spot is Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales everyone loves Spider-Man and it's only act has given us that web slinging fantasy that we've always wanted Miles Morales is in a full game it's a small stand-alone DLC that gives more room for this up-and-coming superhero it's electrifying stylish and it has some good tunes of Lee score of 9.10 15th Place is Ghost of tsushima one of the PlayStation 4 is final AAA exclusives alongside the Last of Us 2 but that's another story sucker-punch takes us to the island of tsushima drink the Mongol invasion as a samurai caught by a moral dilemma show the Invaders the might of your sword fighting skills of Les score of 9.11 the 14th spot belongs to Final Fantasy the 14th spot belongs to Final Fantasy 7 remake Square Enix is on a roll lately in Final Fantasy 7 is restructuring for the modern audience isn't going to end anytime soon with 7 intergrade coming to the PS5 as an even HDR upgrade that the animal ResMed / visioning of the best-selling FF game is just the beginning of play score of 9.1 to 13th Place is Horizon zero Dawn one of the first PlayStation 4 exclusive zero Dawn is a great single-player story and perfect for first-time PlayStation 4 owners as of writing Saudi is getting this game for free that's April as part of their play at home edition of this includes 10 other Indie titles that will surely satisfy other players Horizon zero Dawn get to play score of 9.1 to 12 place is blood pouring from software's PlayStation exclusive is the most exclusive title they have since it's never coming out to other cons since it's never coming out to other consoles bloodborne is brutal difficulty complements the game's terrifying atmosphere the great single-player action-rpg for anyone trying to test whether from software game feels like a play score of 9.17 are 11th place is undertale I know what you're thinking undertale beating the hell out of these previous titled keep in mind that there are numbers involved here and Toby Fox's adorable fantasy RPG deserve this spot there are more chapters to the ER now that the first episode of deltarune is currently out in the Wilds of late score of 9.23 tenth place is a journey that game company might be busy with her latest title Sky Children of the light but none can forget Journeys initials Wonder exploring the Sandy Dunes alone in piecing together the pieces of this broken world may feel like it sure but it's gorgeous atmosphere and Charming music gorgeous atmosphere in Charming music make every moment feel magical play score of 9.23 at the 9th is Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar's open-world playground has always been a single-player story the online mode is just extra enjoyment that doesn't always hit its Mark everyone probably finish this game 8 years ago now all they need is the elusive 6 installment 5 has a play score of 9.2 for a place is Metal Gear Solid 5 the phantom pain the highest rated today could give a game so far even death stranding couldn't get close to its numbers both are great titles though the phantom pain was Kojima swansong for the metal gear franchise the gameplay is great but the story suffering a lot because kohnami seventh spot is Resident Evil L2 remake before we get our hands on some remake before we get our hands on some vampire milkers in Resident Evil Village let's appreciate with capcom's been doing with a remix Leon and Claire's revamped Adventure field New but it retains familiar elements from the original horseback in 1998 the game is scary you've been warned a play score of 9.28 are you wondering about my steroids together is The Witcher 3 wild Hunt cdpr has a lot of explaining to do about the recent cyberpunk 2077 debacle but hey at least they gave us the Witcher 3 geralt of rivia's final Adventure truly is something it's lengthy sure and this doesn't even include its two massive DLCs a play score of 9.29 talk to kill any of you but trust me we will wake him up a little places reddeadredemption2 the open-world experience that only Rockstar can deliver rdr2 with something else huh it truly captured the whole Wild West feel we've been seeing on TV and it gave us a heartbreaking story would be shed a tear to cheers to our brothers Arthur Morgan and John Marston of Les score of 9.30 at 4th place we have Uncharted 4 a thief's end Nathan Drake's final game ended on a high note Naughty Dog waste no time with her meticulous attention to detail for game that came out in 2016 nobody would expect it to look this good even now it feels like it's made for the modern generation who knows what naughty dog is cooking up next a few sand received play score of 9.38 play score of 9.38 third place is The Last of Us remastered another Naughty Dog game this dystopian dramas to meditate self as one of Gaming's best generating new storylines including a TV show produced by HBO this remastered version give it a smoother and more definitive experience of Ellie and Joel's Journey a play score of 9.41 to do something he was never good at parenting with boy oi Am side making our way across the Nordic plants at our side making our way across the Nordic Landscapes felt like magic especially with a visceral in responsive combat we could only imagine how crazy everything would be once Ragnarok comes out I'll play score of 9.53 before we enter article we think these what the players were supporting our Channel through patreon for just $2 you can have your name in the credits of our next articles and get exclusive want to play rewards become a patron Now by visiting our page through the link below

Published On :21 Jul 2022

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25 Best PS4 Single-player Games of All Time 2021 Final Update

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25 Best PS4 Single-player Games of All Time 2021 Final Update

25 Hot Wheels and leashed Hot Wheels became a household name a long time ago now we can finally enjoy building our own Racetrack ....

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Published On : 21 Jul 2022