The 50 Best PS4 Games of All Time 2022 Update

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The 50 Best PS4 Games of All Time 2022 Update

so he isn't ready to pull the plug on their best-selling console as a matter of fact they're still pumping out more PS4s for the PS4 owners that don't have a PS5 yet what the play presents 50 is the best games to play on the platform all arranged by play score to check out our fullest visit our website at what the more about it later in the article starting off at 50th place is Psychonauts 2 Raz returns in this much-awaited sequel to double Fine's fine platformer take on mind-bending trips inside other people's psyches and manipulate the world around you receives a place Corvette .93 49th is Nino Kuni remastered Studio Ghibli and level 5 Studios this heartwarming bleon level 5 Studios this heartwarming isekai combined surrealism and gorgeous fantasy into a stellar jrpg it's like Narnia but anime a place Corvette .93 48th and the list is nier automata celebrated near entry automata takes the dystopian themes of near and drakengard 2 whole new levels of existential dread of Les score of 8.93 47th in the list is Uncharted the Lost Legacy taking place within the Uncharted Universe Chloe and Nadine band together to steal Treasures the Lost Legacy contains explosives or games stapled brawler combat in favor of strategic turn-based mechanics 45th in our list is Dragon Age Inquisition the 3rd of bioware's Epic Fantasy series Inquisition takes players to a bigger open world with a cast of new and familiar characters from growing corruption at 95 44th is next Machina before they made return at 43rd is djmax respect the classic series that made its name of the PlayStation Portable game features over 100 songs ranging from the old tunes of the series ranging from the old tunes of the series to the new receives a place Corvette .95 in our 42nd spot is moss a solid VR entry for the PlayStation 4 that's not a console exclusive Moss's tailor-made for virtual reality the little mouse while your quill as she makes her way around a fantasy world and wonder play score of 8.96 and that 41st is Final Fantasy 9 digital Edition a PS1 hall-of-famer this gem from the year 2000 still holds the quality of life changes including the ability to fast-forward it's dated Combat Play score of 8.96 coming in at 40th is Shadow of the Colossus the gorgeous World remade PS2 Jim was polished buy blue point Studios my blue point Studios so much so that it'll be on the top PS4 rankings for years to come coming in at 39th is dead cell never-ending cycle of Live Die and fight motion tuan's fast-paced metroidvania 38th is Quake original it's no horror game but it's unsettling moments are stable Part 30 6 place is Diablo 3 Ultimate Edition place is Diablo 3 Ultimate Edition blizzards RPG found its home on the PS4 the ultimate edition gave us the definitive experience with the DLCs in a much-needed visual upgrade coming down to 35th is Tetris effect of Gaming Classic and Playstation VR support role-playing elements it's open world and most of all its Limitless modding potential some might say it's the series the last decent entry to the 30-second spot is Doom Eternal this sequel to itself where's testosterone-fueled trip to hell is bigger than ever demolished these poor Demons of the underworld while jamming to 31st is res infinite combining rhythm-based gameplay and rail shooting this experimental IP made a name for itself what it came out two decades ago with or without a PlayStation VR this game is a one-of-a-kind trip to cyberspace deluxe edition question the nature of life and Humanity turn on this Mysterious Island play score of 9.01 pulling up on 29th is Batman Arkham Knight with the introduction of the Batmobile Rocksteady finally gave us what we needed the gameplay might drag sometimes with driving around the Caped Crusaders armored tank never gets old there is a place called 9.02 swinging into 28th is Marvel Spider-Man we've seen no way home and we love it far from the MCU Cannon this articles game version of Stanley's friendly neighborhood superhero is it emotional an epic tale for Peter Parker play score of 9.03 is it takes 2 winner of last year's The Game Awards this puzzle Adventure experience like no other land that extra controller and fix a broken marriage by working together and solve variety of challenges 805 looping into the 26th is Hades supergiant games multi award-winning roguelike zagreus escape from the underworld is a never-ending cycle it's made better with it's well-written cast of characters and strong progression system that can that you hours and hours of gameplay of play score of 9.055 more to go but for now let's get out of the underworld 25th place is Night in the Woods as Legacy is a Bittersweet tale about growing up this coming-of-age narrative Sir Hunter world this massive MH titled Breathe new life into the Siri iceborne its latest DLC brought even more to the table what's not to love about Avast map of ferocious monsters you can play with friends that's what he s is Okami HD during the days of the PlayStation 2 capcom's the love for Japanese mythology resonates well in this remastered version of classic help Ami save the lineup nipon from the growing Orochi in beautiful watercolor Laden visuals rolling at 21st is Divinity original sin 2 Definitive Edition Wickham's to Pure unadulterated RPGs larian Studios knows how to keep them clean yet complex pink tribute to the classic title Shovel Knight is a treasure Trove of black forming goodness making your way through challenging Castle full of henchmen with just a shovel is a great price to pay for Love at a ton of fun 19th and the ranking is Ghost of tsushima Sucker Punch made us feel like the ultimate Samurai badass whether it's taking down Mongols rating Bandits or taking into gorgeous Landscapes you're in for a satisfying ride 18th Place is Dark Souls 3 nothing beats Dark Souls intentional difficulty spikes and the series ended on a high note play score of 9.10 web that 17th is Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales coming in at 16th Place is Final Fantasy 7 remake the first in a planned series of remake seven was a big leaf but they stuck The Landing it's the funeral was most ambitious project to date and it sets the stage for the next remakes play score of 9.10 15 spot belongs to Horizon zero Dawn aloy was just getting started zero Don's ambitious open-world adventure takes us into unforgiving lands teeming with mechanical wildlife and science-fiction mystery the next chapter in our story forbidden West may get us more answers once it comes out at 14th is Mass Effect legendary edition the ultimate way to experience the Mass Effect Trilogy for the first time or again this collection remasters three of the series Acclaim titles include DLC ranked 13th is blood-borne a big change in direction from its Dark Souls counterpart everything is the souls like mechanics but with an added complexity that encourages aggression and a bit of Madness there's no wondering why this exclusive is a Mainstay in the top rankings coming to the 12 spot is undertale you can't explain away the influence this game had turning the usually violent role-playing genre on its head this unique experience and it's May 11th and our rankings is dirty wholesome article game while we've been awaiting the release of GTA 6 Rockstar sure bought itself a lot of time with five active online mode with everyone still around messing up the games open-world it's still a hotbed of chaos and it receives the play score of 9.24 sneaking into the nightspot is Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain some would say it's the perfect send-off 19.25 mutating to the eighth ranking is Resident Evil 2 remake more than just the visual upgrade and it is third person camera this polish remake also flashed whether you played the original or not there are surprises for everyone 7 spot is Dragon Quest 11 s Echoes of an elusive age Definitive Edition this Definitive Edition makes the Ultimate Fantasy RPG in Square Enix has long-running series take on the role of Brave luminary and embark on a grand trip filled with magic mystery at a heartwarming cast of characters no Shades of Gray at 6 place at The Witcher 3 wild Hunt the Excellence of its open world RPG is what made cyberpunk 2077 there's so much cowboy flooring the fourth spot is Uncharted 4 a thief's end Nathan Drake spinal journey in the globe-trotting action-adventure it signifies the series explosive Crescendo with breathtaking visuals insane set-pieces and seamless moment-to-moment action surviving to third-place is The Last of Us remastered the less controversial of the two games this remastered version brings not only fathering second place is god of water recently making its way to the PC standing at the top at first place is persona5royal Kratos can wine but for our critics and Demers this Reeve a certified experience it's still number one introducing you characters adding a whole new story arc and some more Jazzy Tunes is enough to bring it to the top spot on the PS4 with a score of 9.58 what's your favorite PlayStation 4 game of all time leave a comment below and let's talk about it

Published On :21 Jul 2022

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The 50 Best PS4 Games of All Time 2022 Update

that's 25 Dragon Quest Builders 2 far from Dragon Quest usual jrpg Adventure Builders combines the series signature role-playing with sandbox mechanic...

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The 50 Best PS4 Games of All Time 2022 Update

that's 25 Dragon Quest Builders 2 far from Dragon Quest usual jrpg Adventure Builders combines the series signature role-playing w....

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Published On : 21 Jul 2022