Top 25 Best PS3 Games of All Time

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Top 25 Best PS3 Games of All Time

these games are ranked by play score unique rating the averages gamer and critic reviews lizard celebrates its 20th anniversary topper players a remake of the original Diablo game on Diablo 3 is next expansion for blizzard France this is a worthy addition to the collection time to get high it has a play score of 8.84 number 23 is Puppeteer this oddly mesmerizing side-scrolling platformer it's also the first game to mentally traumatized this with an ending so bizarre and difficult who couldn't resist that but anyway Far Cry 3 has exceeded expectations with intense first-person play good story and a beautiful open world to discover there's a place called 8.86 number 21 is guacamelee drinkbox Studios platform to the land of the living Rock a Milly is a game that pays homage to the Mexican culture play as a Luchador banished from the land of the living and rescue the El presidente's daughter from the clutches of the demonios the combat is a seamless blender combo bass attacks with your skills and the ability to travel the land of the living and of the Dead is beautiful. The play score of 8.90 number 20 is Nino Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Oregon produced in collaboration with Studio Ghibli animators it's bound to be good the Wrath of the White Witch is in adorable RPG play level five games it's a heartfelt story of a Chow play level five games it's a heartfelt story of a child wants to save his mother Explorer landed Lush Landscapes and treacherous passes meet new characters and add them to request this game has received various critical Acclaim due to its Story characters in Archdale it's like playing your own animated movie and it's also one of the best-selling PS3 games ever and has a play score of 8.91 number 19 is Dead Space 2 the first game was a terrifying experience to be trapped in space with scary aliens number 18 is Assassin's Creed 2 this is the Hallmark of Assassin's Creed it's most important game that fans have continued to love since its release Assassin's Creed Next Generation gaming with a detailed open-world of Italy in Fruitport car mechanics of 894 number 17 is Dark Souls 2 the sequel to the testing hair-pulling action-rpg from software brings another dose of more patients testing and hair pulling moment Dark Souls 2 and it's a loop that rewards the unforgiving it has a place Gourmet .95 number 16 is Resident Evil 4 HD some say it's the last good Resident Evil before everything went haywire other states the beginning of a whole new frontier of survival gaming this forced entry to the Arne franchise gets an HD remake and rekindle their fans on the PS3 along with downloadable content they control of Leon Kennedy the president's daughter in a creepy Mexican Village things get crazy as a whole new level of over-the-shoulder gameplay accommodate the scares 95 it really is buddy and enjoy the rhythmic moment if it's exhilarating Optical run that so much content and Broad appeal leading to the game commercial success here at the Play Store of 8.95 this action role-playing game textures and explosive may have set an alarm Pandora take control of your own Dottie hunter in a land filled with randomly-generated loop it's widely praised good writing and memorable characters is regenerated content for players to enjoy an experience of course you can create your own world and share two other people to this social feature make the game so heavily craze that the play score of 9.09 number 12 is God of War 3 follow Kratos and its final quest for vengeance for his father in the supposedly final chapter of the God of War Series this time things get gigantic gigantic I mean more gigantic an experimental laboratory survive a shell as you acquire powerful portal gun to find your way out of some Rogue AI skates mechanics with first-person shooter elements can make player smart for a bit the introduction of more fun for the game players compete with other people and solve puzzles together without the PlayStore 9.15 number 10 is Batman Arkham City Rocksteady superhero chapters of the solid snake story and also the final chapter of the Metal Gear Solid series follow your hero as he tries to stop the world from an impending doom this movie I mean game has everything silly kojima-san offered from the crazy boss battles clever tactical and self combat and well-written dialogue to generate an ever-growing fanbase nanomachines son that has a play score of 9.15 number eight is Okami HD this is one of PlayStation 2 is most important gate it signifies Beauty and Grace Kaminski us and destruction from the smooth painting combat up to its ties with actual Japanese literature it is a classic Masterpiece control Amaterasu Okami on the PS3 Fieldstone view that as a place called 816 16 number seven is Red Dead Redemption say goodbye to skyscrapers and vehicles because Rockstar takes you into the land of the high noon in Red Dead Redemption Explorer beautiful fictional Western World and immerse yourself in it through the life with John Marston an outlaw morally gray ideals of writing detailed open-world and a heartbreaking ending another place 12920 number six is Mass Effect 2 BioWare Space Opera Adventure opens a new frontier of Grant Interstellar proportions in this sequel Commander Shepard take the helm once more and he's ready to save the world from the upcoming Reaper Invasion meet you friends gather old ones and embark on a journey that takes individual character development to a whole new level it's one of Mass Effect 2 stronger points and you make it to the end that has a play score of 9.21 number 5 is Grand Theft Auto V number 5 is Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar just can't disappoint these days the 5th main installment of probably the best playground in the world is still on a roll since its press release this is the first GTA game to feature multiple playable characters and an open-source it's still the portrayal of American culture the good writing and solid gameplay of the reasons why this game delivered very well who doesn't love a game that lets you shoot people and has a place where of 9.26 number for is BioShock Infinite number 3 is the journey this game is in the Forefront of indie game development it is universally acclaimed as a peaceful Adventure Brilliance and Beauty Journey not only takes players on a spiritual Quest and South puzzles it also lets him develop a multiplayer experience with random people around the world without even talking critics have applauded the games uniqueness while criticizing the game short length hey you know what they say it's not about the destination it's the journey that has a play score of 9.30 number to is Uncharted 2 among Thieves the Uncharted series and here are the runners out before we reveal the number one you get these games right now by clicking the link in the description box below and what the play's best PS3 game of all time is The Last of Us 2 Naughty Dog games in a row of course the last of us is the best PlayStation 3 game to date humanity is on the brink of doing caused by a mysterious fire step plates the world play is Joel and Ellie and very emotional journey of self-preservation and character development survival is your most dependent Ally and it's third-person action-adventure gameplay is similar to Uncharted however once again The Last of Us proves that naughty dog can deliver a riveting narrative experience with so much emotional depth as a placeholder of 9.44 or that's a place called 9.44 we publish 3 gaming articls every week don't miss any of them and say don't forget to like and share this blog to your friends

Published On :21 Jul 2022

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Top 25 Best PS3 Games of All Time

so he isn't ready to pull the plug on their best-selling console as a matter of fact they're still pumping out more PS4s for the PS4 owners that don'...

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Top 25 Best PS3 Games of All Time

so he isn't ready to pull the plug on their best-selling console as a matter of fact they're still pumping out more PS4s for the ....

Author : Esypromotion
Published On : 21 Jul 2022