Top 25 PS4 Games According to Critics

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Top 25 PS4 Games According to Critics

starting at 25th is Fallout 4 with us this post-apocalyptic RPG opens our list Fallout 4 is the last story-driven Fallout game released before Fallout 76 which wasn't up to most of the fans standard or is massive the features multiple branching paths for your character as they explore the 24th is Sakura Shadows die twice from software's previous game before Elden ring Sakura was a major leap from its older Souls titles breaking on the PlayStation 4 it signals the dawn of cinematic titles on the console Giordano's gorgeous post-apocalyptic world is filled with mechanical beasts and Lush valleys unfortunately for forbidden West it didn't make it to the list usual lack of critics scores at 22nd we have Odin sphere left recir vanillaware doesn't bump out games that much but when they do their instant classic despite 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim receiving impressive reviews unfortunately there was one of their older titles for the PlayStation 4 originally from the Vita this was made even better by polishing at Scholastic two-dimensional gameplay making it accessible to new fans coming in at 21st is Dark Souls 3 the third and major entry of the acclaimed Souls trilogy snow-capped mountains and castles from a bygone Kingdom takedown memorable bosses along the way and always remember to get good 20th in the rankings is Marvel Spider-Man Spider-Man fans have been eating good these past few years this was sucker-punches Major attempt at their own take on everybody's friendly neighborhood superhero web slinging around New York was satisfying that story was surprisingly emotional to get the full experience we also recommend playing the Standalone expansion Miles Morales at number 19th we have Arkham Knight Rocksteady may be busy with our new Suicide Squad game but everyone knows they successfully concluded their Diablo 3 ultimate Evil Edition the definitive Diablo 3 irion the game has come a long way since it's terrible the game has come a long way since it's terrible launch problems make from a wide array of classes and witness Diablo story at a speak aside from improved visuals to game also packs The Reaper of Souls DLC our 17th spot is taken by what remains of Edith Finch and emotional rollercoaster Adventure game from giant Sparrow Edith Finch is first-person perspective Showcase of the many Mysteries surrounding the finch family it goes from surreal to downright depressing in just a few minutes it's not for the faint of heart but anyone who's willing to be vulnerable is ready to play this game 16th on the list is Monster Hunter World capcom's best-selling franchise world was a huge step for the future of Monster Hunter felt modern and it continues to fix most of the issues that plagued the previous title despite intimidating difficulty 15th is Shadow of the Colossus Explorer bizarre-world were strange colossi control each region would have PlayStation who's masterpieces Shadow of the Colossus was a masterclass in game design it's a mix of genres combined into one epic adventure this remaster from bluepoint Studios does The Impossible by elevating the game's design from impressive lighting HD graphics and smooth performance at 14th Place is OverWatch despite failing to keep their playerbase blizzard was among the pioneers of the hero shooter genre OverWatch was an unpredictable and although we're still looking forward greens is more than just a tech demo for virtual reality you can play without one it's community-driven projects are insanely imaginative from realistic environment parodies of games works of art and even a fully-functioning game these are small fraction of Dreams long list of user-generated content before we forget be sure to visit our website at what the the check out the latest upcoming titles Link in the description box below 12th Place is blood-borne the third fromsoft game on this list this was Miyazaki at his team's attempt at a lovecraftian Souls game at at work combining Gothic elements and the horrors of the unknown bloodborne takes both Concepts and puts players in its gameplay is visceral as its theme making it their strongest game since Elden ring the 11th century is Resident Evil 2 Capcom Stable horse this is a remake ironic for a game about the undead this is a remake of the classic Resident Evil 2 not only is it rebuilt from the ground up using their re-engine it also presented each perspective from Clare and Leon's Journey has the escape from Raccoon City tent on the list is The Witcher 3 wild Hunt CD projekt Red's Witcher games is what the Lord of the Rings could have been in terms of their video game IP it was a record-breaking success geralt of rivia's final journey is an open-world medieval quest for Unique fearsome Phyllis from vampires dragons and evil sorceresses at 9th we have Divinity original sin 2 Definitive Edition larian Studios award-winning title this equal not only improves on its predecessor on the spirit of Pen & Paper RPGs to the Video Game World Divinity original sin 2 is an outstanding piece of emergent gameplay each interaction gives you more room for experimentation and other crazy ideas coming in at coming in at 8 is Journey a one-of-a-kind games that touched the hearts of many in 2012 Journey was that game company's Hail Mary a small indie game that toppled even the biggest AAA titles in the market travel with a companion in plaid your way through this Uncharted world it's a poignant and gorgeous journey through sun-soaked mute sneaking into seventh place is Metal Gear Solid 5 the phantom pain has final metal gear game it was the subject of many controversies would have came out into this day it's still stand proud as the best game play in the ranking is Uncharted 4 a thief's end the final chapter of Nathan Drake spelunking life a thief's end was a major player in the PlayStation 4 play you're in the PlayStation 4's list of exclusive it was a system seller alongside great titles like God of War and zero Dawn violin your gameplay makes room for detailed visuals and Blockbuster like set-pieces making this the most cinematic game from Stoney's library of exclusive this place is The Last of Us remastered naughty dog's other game this remastered version of the PlayStation 3 hit doesn't really bring anything when you do the title still it's one of the greatest games ever made with its emotional storytelling ranked 4th is God of War Sony Santa Monica's epic single-player franchise knows no bounds it was recently reported to the PC ultimately giving players the chance to play Kratos in God of War everyone's favorite demigod in this soft reboot add depth to the brain was hacking and slashing of its predecessors its sequel Ragnarok is nearing its release coming in at 3rd place is Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar's open-world action game is forever GTA V competes with Minecraft and Skyrim in the fight for the most console forever from the PS3 up to the PS5 this fifth major installment of the GTA series retains its signature gameplay element but with a more detailed open-world this time around up as is Persona 5 Royal the definitive way to experience the Phantom thieves Journey Royal is an enhanced version of the Persona 5 experience with new characters soundtracks and ending not only that numerous quality-of-life improvements as well with these major additions there's no better way to play P5 and the best and the best PS4 game according to critics is Red Dead Redemption 2 rock stars award-winning Western open world game Arthur Morgan Story made grown men cry if not then it's staggering open-world consume them with hours and hours of horse riding and bounty hunting it's a major achievement in terms of technology and story and it might just be the Pinnacle of rock stars career

Published On :17 Jul 2022

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Top 25 PS4 Games According to Critics

starting at 25th is Fallout 4 with us this post-apocalyptic RPG opens our list Fallout 4 is the last story-driven Fallout game released before Fallou...

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Top 25 PS4 Games According to Critics

starting at 25th is Fallout 4 with us this post-apocalyptic RPG opens our list Fallout 4 is the last story-driven Fallout game re....

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Published On : 17 Jul 2022